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Should Christians observe Lent?

Protestant Christians tend to be suspicious of church traditions which are not rooted in scripture. Lent falls into this category because it is not prescribed anywhere in the Bible. So why do believers from across the theological spectrum, including many Protestant denominations, observe this season? The name itself is an Old English word for spring, which is indeed the time of year when Lent occurs - between the post-Christmas season of Epiphany and Easter. Hereon in Lent's biblical credentials mount up. Its forty day duration (not including Sundays, which are counted as rest days) reflects the forty days which Jesus spent in the desert, preparing for his ministry. And the fact that he was

Saved by the belle

Looking forward to competing our exploration of Ruth today. It's a gem: perfectly composed and easily digestible as a story. Yet, at a deeper level, it subverts our assumptions. For a start, Naomi turns out to be the central character, not Ruth. And while Boaz emerges as hero, it is only because the one originally cast for that role steps aside. Ostensibly a morality tale about faithfulness, some of its details jar: Ruth's brazen advances on Boaz, the reference to Tamar's entrapment of Judah. The apparent upshot is that God's blessing prevails despite human misbehaviour. What a relief!


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