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Broadford Primary School rose to the occasion of marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 with an event which was rich in meaning and full of participation. We began in church, with hymns and reflections, mainly in Gaelic. Then everyone was invited back to the school for more songs, dances and a drama depicting life in the trenches, choreographed by class teacher, Shona Nicholson. Around the walls children who had relatives who were veterans had posted the results of research into their war records. Refreshments inspired by the era were provided, before adjourning once more to the village war memorial, where a display of home-made poppies was placed up the bank which leads to

Multicultural India

Just back from study leave in India. It was the latest stage in a project which I have been pursuing since 2004: Christian responses to post-modernism. Having explored post-Christian, nominal-Christian, ant-Christian and majority-Christian contexts, I wanted to learn about multiculturalism. Europeans sometimes pride ourselves on being multicultural but often we are actually behaving in anti-cultural ways as when, for the sake of political correctness and/ or avoiding offence, we limit and control the expression people give of their culture (including religion). In a truly multicultural situation, there is an acceptance, a celebration even, of the various cultures which happen to co-exist. Wh


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