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Hail the King!

"While he was blessing them, he left them and was taken up into heaven." Luke 24.51

You may have wondered at yesterday's lack of reference to the Ascension of Jesus, which always falls on the Thursday before Pentecost (40 days after Easter Sunday). The truth is I forgot! That, is until I posted what I had already written and then realised my omission. It was quite an oversight given that I am forever banging on about the significance of what is the crowning glory of Jesus' mission to earth and his triumph over death. You could say that it amounts to his coronation as King of the New Creation.

The rest of the day was full of reflection on the theme - at least between the usual litany of tasks, calls and encounters of which everyday life consists! But in the evening I was able to make the most of a conveniently rising tide and a reassuring weather forecast for a late paddle, during which I was moved to expound the following:

Nam aonar nam khayak,

a-mach air ròn is dà sgarbh.

Uspag bheothail is tuinn

a’ cluich thar a toisich.

Tha e anmoch ’s tha mi

fada bhon taigh.

Ach tha gàirdean làidir agam

agus eòlas air an t-slighe.

Air mo chùlaibh, dol fodha

na grèine loisgiche,

fhad ’s a thionndaidheas i

bho dhearg gu ruadh,

na beanntan air mo bheulaibh.

Chan eil mi airidh …

’S e gibht a th’ ann

bho làimh an fhir a chrùnadh,

’s a tha sinn a’ moladh an-diugh.

Rìgh a’ Chruthachaidh!

Abair latha uasal:

Latha na Deasghabhalach.

Alone in my kayak

but for a seal and two cormorants.

A lively breeze and waves

playing over the bow.

It’s late and I’m

far from home.

But my arms are strong

and I know the way.

Behind me, goes down

the blazing sun,

while changing

from crimson to russet,

the mountains before me.

I do not deserve…

This is a gift

from the hand of him whose coronation

we celebrate today:

The King of Creation!

What a noble day:

The Day of Ascension.



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