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"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Matthew 5.8

There is no doubt that JS Stewart, famous Scottish preacher and teacher of the early - mid 20th century, had a clear vision of God, which informed his delivery with authority. According to Jesus that ability to perceive God is the gift of those with an undivided heart. That too appears to have been characteristic of JS Stewart. He understood the difference between preaching and teaching, yet those who sat under him - whether in church or the lecture theatre - insist that his lectures were as sermons and his sermons full of knowledge and enlightenment.

Preacher, scholar, teacher, pastor - according to his biographer and colleague, Robin Barbour - JS Stewart was a well-rounded servant of God and of the Church. His sincere belief in miracles was matched by the sharpest of academic brains. The authority with which he spoke was balanced by personal humility and seasoned by his lively imagination, which enabled him to engage with people and convey the Christian message in ways which were both relevant and exciting.

None of us can be JS Stewart but, as I am sure the man himself would have pointed out, God lavishes his gifts upon all of his children. So if we are to take anything from JS Stewart's example, let it be to discern how and for what God has equipped us - and then to pursue that goal and use those gifts with all of our heart, keeping our eyes upon Jesus as the ultimate revelation of God.



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