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The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised. Job 1.21

Today in Broadford Church we bid farewell to the island's final link with the heroics of the D-Day landings, as we lay to rest Jimmy Clark and offer our condolences to his widow, Jessie, and three younger generations of their family. As an old man, Jimmy's gentle demeanour belied the leonine qualities of his youth, for which he was decorated by both France and the UK.

As the Book of Job reminds us, we entered the world naked and helpless and, despite our accolades and achievements, we take nothing with us on departure. All we have is God and so without God we have nothing. God is is everything we need because God is eternal. Jesus came to introduce us to God and promised that when we surrender our mortal lives to him, we shall inherit his eternal life.

Happily Jimmy embraced that promise and so today is a celebration as much as an occasion of mourning. Pray that, while offering comfort, it will also challenge all who attend his funeral to consider their own destiny...



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