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Sìth dhuibh!

"Peace be with you!" John 20.21

Another day to pause in wonder at the impact of Easter. The resurrection of Jesus transformed the despair and fear of the disciples into joy and courage. Against all expectation Jesus was back and now his every word took on fresh significance. His traditional greeting "Shalom!" (Peace) was more than a formality, evoking now the rich quality of life which he was demonstrating in his risen glory - and offering to them as a gift, a promise even.

The he added: "As the Father sent me, so I am sending you..." Jesus is not only sharing himself, he is inviting us into his mission to redeem the world. In receiving new life, we also inherit a new purpose which is no less than being grafted into God's majestic renewal of Creation. That makes every follower of Jesus matter more than we can hope or imagine. May it also transform the way we relate to each and to God...



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