Prayer diary

April 2020

  1. With the threat of the Coronavirus  and a lot of us having to self-isolate which means we can’t come together for worship and fellowship we can still pray together.                               1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

  2. Our young families who are having to home school and amuse their children.

  3. CARE: Thankyou Lord, for all who show such skill and dedication to look after children & adults who have serious physical, mental & emotional disabilities. Grant them patience and hope in the hard times.

  4. Pray for the front line workers in the NHS, carers, doctors, nurses and the hospital staff including cleaners.

  5. The vulnerable in our locality, those who have compromised immune systems.

  6. We pray for our government that they would have wisdom in dealing with this virus.

  7. Give thanks for the Lord’s timing and help us to appreciate all you do for us.

  8. Give thanks for all those who work in Shops, shop assistants as well as cleaners.

  9. We prayer for the homeless at this time of crisis especially in the City’s.

  10. Today is Good Friday, when we should be gathering round the cross at 3pm in silent prayer as we remember the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us, but we can still join together in spirit in our own homes for silent prayer.

  11. Give thanks for the many volunteers who have helped deliver shopping and collected medication etc.


  13. Pray for Ministers and Pastors worldwide as they look for new ways to pastor their flock.

  14. Give thanks for technology we have now that makes worshiping together possible.

  15. There are some people who do casual work, mostly cash in hand have no money coming in and not entitled to make a claim.

  16. There are many of our older folks in our congregation who don’t really use computers, help us to keep in touch.

  17. We also pray for those in prison e.g. prisoners & guards.

  18.  We pray for families who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

  19. Refugees who are in camps and not able to get the help they need.

  20. Our Police force and our Military.

  21. Thankyou Lord, for the rest you are allowing some of us to have.

  22. Delivery lorries working hard to deliver our food.

  23. The Airlines and all those who work in airports.

  24. Pray for those who are self- employed & their employee’s.

  25. The lonely & depressed.

  26. Those in hospitality e.g. Hotels, & B&B

  27. Pray for the recently bereaved, so many restrictions in place regarding people meeting together.

  28. Pray for our brothers & sisters in other countries that they also would have discovered ways to fellowship together.

  29. The care homes, & families of residents, also folks who have had respite cancelled due to this virus putting more pressure on family.

  30. May we use this time of isolation to reconnect in a much deeper way to our God.


Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10&2 Chronicles 7:14