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Prayer diary

December 2019

  1. Gift Service in all churches this morning and soup & Sandwich lunch in Kyleakin Church Hall. Gaelic service in Broadford 6pm.

  2. Continue to pray for Café Chat, meeting is today in Broadford church 1pm.

  3. The Mustard Seed Café today in Broadford Village Hall.

  4. The Breadbasket is a community lunch each Wednesday in St Columba’s in Portree.

  5. Parish Ladies Group 1pm and Kirk Session meeting tonight.

  6. OM: Fully entering their new environment involves becoming like the locals by learning their language, eating their food, going to the gym and reciprocating their hospitality.

  7. St Mary’s of Sleat meet in the Kilmore Church Community Rooms tomorrow at 5.30pm

  8. Service in Elgol 3pm and family carol service in Kyleakin Village Hall 6pm.

  9. There is an opportunity to come together to pray for revival 11am Broadford Church Vestry.

  10. Bible study / prayer meeting Kyleakin church hall 7.30pm.

  11. Broadford bible study 7.30pm

  12. Remembering and praying for the election today. The Discussion Group/House Group meet at 7.30pm

  13. CARE: Lord, we thank you for the international Anti-CorruptionCoordinator Centre’s continuing success, bringing together agencies to tackle allegations of bribery of public officials, embezzlement, extortion and other cases of grand corruption. Amen.

  14. Pray for those caught in the poverty trap in our own village especially at this time of year.

  15. Gaelic service in Kilmore 6pm and Christmas carol service in Broadford.

  16. Tearfund: Our partners in Myanmar were part of a change in legislation which saw new employment equality rights passed for those living with disability. Praise God for justice in this area, and pray that those who live with disabilities would feel valued as members of society and be treated with love and respect.

  17. Broadford Primary School Carol Service in Broadford Church.

  18. Elgol Primary School Assembly 11am.

  19. Bun-sgoil Shlèite

  20. SU: As COmMISSION publicity makes its way into the hands of senior pupils, please pray that young people take up this opportunity to further their discipleship and develop new skills. Pray that many transition into leadership.

  21. CARE: Lord, please bless all who work in the UK’s hospice care services, including 125,000 volunteers, supporting over 200,000 people with terminaland life-limiting conditions each year. Thank You for their professional, compassionate approach to patients and their families.

  22. Broadford, Kilmore and Kyleakin family services 11am, Elgol Christmas celebrations 3pm and Carol singing round Kyleakin Village 6pm.

  23. MAF: Pray that the light of Christ will shine in the light of nations where Christians are persecuted. May their governments’ policies change from persecution to the promotion of Christian values.

  24. Christmas Eve carol service 7pm in Kilmore Church and the watchnight service in Broadford church 11.15pm.

  25. Christmas day celebrations Kyleakin 11am and Broadford 11am.

  26. OM: The Pamir Radio ministry has three Afghan teams producing Dari language programmes and one partnership team producing in the Pashto language.

  27. Tomorrow is the Whole Parish service in Broadford 11am & a ‘bring & share’ lunch.

  28. Joint service with the Free Church Broadford church of Scotland 6pm.

  29. There is an opportunity to come together to pray for revival 11am Broadford Church Vestry.

  30. CARE: Father thank you for all the blessings of the past year – for answered prayers, daily provision and for bringing us through difficult times. We ask that the seeds of faith and love that were sown in prayer and action will in due time spring up and bring praise to Your name.

November 2019

  1. All Saints Day Eucharist 11am, St Columba’s in Portree.

  2. OM: Training colleges around the world are a vital part of God’s work. For many students the cost in time and finances is a big challenge. Pray for those who are studying, that they would be supported as they seek to deepen their understanding of God and missions.

  3. An Acarsaid - 2.30pm, Gaelic service in Broadford at 6pm and Kyleakin fellowship.

  4. Continue to pray for Café Chat. Meeting is today in Broadford church 1pm.

  5. Mustard Seed Café in Broadford Village Hall.

  6. Kilmore Bible Study 7.15pm. 1pm and The Kirk Session Meeting tomorrow evening.

  7. Parish Ladies Group in Broadford Church Foyer at 1pm and Praying for revival, Paisley South. Hopehall Church, Alice Street, 7.30pm-8.30pm.

  8. CARE: Lord, we are thankful that we live in a democratic country without fear of oppression. Please help us to be vigilant and guard our right to speak and live freely according to our beliefs, and for the benefit of those who need our protection and care. Amen.

  9. Give thanks for those who are preparing to lead our remembrance services tomorrow.

  10. Remembrance Service in Kilmore, Kyleakin and Broadford 10.50am and Elgol 3pm also St Mary’s of Sleat meet in the Kilmore Church Community Rooms at 5.30pm.

  11. There is an opportunity to come together to pray for revival 11am Broadford Church Vestry.

  12. St Michael’s & all Angels Episcopal Church meet in Raasay 11am.

  13. Tearfund: Farida had no choice but to stay with her husband when he refused to flee ISIS occupation. ISIS took her husband, and kidnapped and deported Farida to Syria where she was sold. After three years, she escaped Syria, but was captured again in Mosul. Her eventual freedom came at great financial cost to her family. Pray that people will be free from slavery and have the strength to rebuild their lives.

  14. The Discussion House Group meet at 7.30pm

  15. Pray for the illuminate (Junction 12’s S4 – S6 programme) weekend at Lendrick Muir. Pray that the different groups of young people mix well and engage fully with time looking at the bible as well as the outdoor activities.

  16. Women’s conference Central Baptist Church, Ward Road, Dundee. Speaker Helen Thorne.

  17. An Acarsaid - 2.30pm, Gaelic service in Kilmore and Kyleakin fellowship both at 6pm.

  18. MAF: Our Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in Mareeba are responsible for maintaining the Asia-Pacific fleet. This sometimes involves visiting countries such as Bangladesh and Timor-Leste to work with the national staff there. Uphold our personnel and the families who support them.

  19. Praying for revival, Paisley North. Mossvale Church, Greenoch Road, 7.30pm-8.30pm.

  20. Broadford Bible Study/Prayer Meeting 7.30pm.

  21. Parish Ladies Group in Broadford Church Foyer.

  22. CARE: God our healer, we thank you for the increasing awareness of how mental health problems are experienced by children and young people, and the determination of key figures to provide support to those affected. Please draw near to those who suffer today. Amen

  23. St Columba’s Episcopal Church in Portree: Annual Study Day, speaker Dr Donald Bruce.

  24. Whole Parish Communion Service Kyleakin Church 11am.

  25. There is an opportunity to come together to pray for revival 11am Broadford Church Vestry.

  26. Kyleakin Bible Study/Prayer Meeting 7.30pm

  27. Bible Study/Prayer Meeting in Kilmore 7.15pm.

  28. The Discussion House Group meet at 7.30pm

  29. Give thanks for all those who work with our youth.

  30. OM: A church in Beirut experienced rapid growth when they started loving the thousands of Syrian refugees in their doorstep who had been their enemies for many years. Discipleship growth is thriving.