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I'm excited by the prospect of launching our "use it and lose it" campaign at the Parish Service tomorrow. These events bring together our four churches, which make up the Parish of Strath & Sleat, and they happen on the 5th Sunday of every month with 5 Sundays in it.

"Use it and lose it" is an initiative developed by the trypraying team to encourage people who don't "do" church to start praying. It's a simple idea but it has proved to be very effective. It involves a 7-day prayer guide which participating believers use themselves for a week. Then, in the following week, they look for an opportunity to give it away to a not-yet-believing friend/ neighbour/ colleague/ relative, with an invitation to "try praying".

The booklets are so well written and accessible that people don't need to be persuaded and enthusiasm quickly rises.

Four other churches are participating on this occasion (Fig Fellowship, St Columba's Episcopal, Kilmuir & Stenscholl, Duirinish & Bracadale). We have conspired to display six large banners at strategic locations throughout the island, in order to raise awareness and expectation and with the intention to make this a regular event which gathers momentum.

Many more people are open to "try praying" than would be inclined to "try church", so its a no-brainer in terms of outreach!

May the Lord anoint this endeavour and all who commit to it...

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