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All change!

People often complain about the state of the world. Given what is crowding our headlines at the moment, one understands why. It also explains why even non-believers latch on to the message of Easter. Sometimes it seems like only a miracle can us out of the mess we're in. Just as well we've got one to share. He is risen! Happy Easter!

The sheer goodness of Good Friday

There is nothing like standing in front of a cross for an hour. What a privilege in the middle of a day with all its distractions and busyness to enjoy the health, freedom and leisure to contemplate the most important event in history: Jesus at oning for our sins and opening our access to God. And just because he loves us. Amazing! Let's forget all the nonsense - the pettiness of our hang-ups, the futility of our ambitions - and tell the world. You're not an accident. You are a work of art and your creator loves you enough to sacrifice his own life so you can be perfect forever. Hallelujah!

A hearty meal

It might only be a morsel of bread and a sip of wine but, in terms of what it represents, nothing is more substantial than The Lord's Supper. And to partake on the day Jesus instituted it is a rare treat indeed!

The Cross

The journalist, Robert Hardman, described the moment when he and the French Prime Minister were standing in the burned out sanctuary of Notre Dame and out of the gloom appeared a cross. Through its association with Jesus' resurrection, this instrument of death has become a symbol of hope. Nothing is impossible with God!

Looking forward to Easter

Just heard that Kilmore Church is hosting its own sunrise service to welcome Easter morning... Hallelujah! There cannot be too many ways to offer people a "way in" to appreciate the wonder of Jesus' resurrection and the way its makes everything possible. This is good news to anybody who yearns for life to get better but cannot imagine how. If a dead man can rise to new life... then why not?

Holy Week

Just attended a sublime reflection in Broadford Church, led and hosted by Steve and Mary Fennell. The church was tastefully decorated, music was playing quietly as we entered. Then we listened to some readings and prayers, which included silences for more personal communing with the Lord and with one another. After reading Psalm 23 together and singing a hymn it was over and Holy Week had begun. I emerged refreshed and inspired!


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