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Hail the King!

Yippee it's Ascension Day! You what? Yes, the anniversary of the climax of Jesus mission; hinge between the Gospels and Acts, no less. But overlooked because it falls between Sundays. So how do we grasp the significance of Jesus being taken into heaven before the very eyes of his followers? Understanding it as the ultimate coronation, perhaps. Heeding the promise of the angel: that this same Jesus will return - in the manner in which he ascended, ie in glory, not as a vulnerable baby, born in a stable, as at his first coming. And with a purpose: to judge the world and establish the New Creation, where there is no more crying or pain, only joy and beauty. How reassuring, especially at such times as we inhabit, with society reeling at another terror attack, injustice abounding and climate change a constant threat to millions. Like the disciples,

we don't have to stand around waiting. Jesus is coming back and we have work to do. In the meantime let us pray, because the throne of heaven is not vacant and so our prayers will be answered...

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