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An Deasghabhail

An Deasghabhail is Gaelic for The Ascension: the crowning moment of Jesus' earthly mission, when he ascends the throne of heaven before the astonished gaze of his closest companions. Also present are angels who remind those companions that they have work to do, before the Lord returns "in the same manner in which you saw him go into heaven" - in glory! Today a team of workers gathered at Mairi MacIntosh's home in Drinan to repair her drive-way. This is the first of a monthly opportunity to serve our neighbours in a practical way. The aim is to oscillate between helping individuals and getting involved in more general community projects. If you have requests or suggestions for either of these, please get in touch. Our next outing is due on Saturday 9 June: St Columba's Day no less. Time and venue tbc...

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