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Getting excited for tomorrow... Being the 5th Sunday in a month, all four churches in Strath & Sleat gather together, this time in Broadford. Whatever happens must reflect the mix of folk who gather. This I time is particularly challenging because there will be no child care, so we must be ready for all ages. With that in mind, we are going for a craft-based message: the Christingle. Its first recorded use in church dates back to mid 18th century Germany. The orange represents the world, the four sticks signify four seasons and the sweets bear witness to their fruitfulness. The ribbon speaks of God's love embracing creation, coloured red because he demonstrates that love by sending his Son who gave his life as a ransom for sin. Now risen, ascended and alive forever, the candle celebrates Jesus as the light of the world, which darkness cannot overcome. The Gospel in an orange! Happy Christmas and blessings for the New Year...

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