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"The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you." Romans 16. 20

Something touching is happening... I am beginning to receive messages from people all over the world, whom I haven't spoken to for ages - but who are anxious to enquire after my well-being and that of our church and family. Some are sending lengthy reflections, others just a brief expression of concern; all are symptomatic of a genuine desire to be kind.

I know that I am not alone in receiving these gestures and it's wonderful to hear about the many ways people are finding to keep in touch, despite the enforced physical separation that is keeping us apart. Whether they realise or not, all of these are examples of grace; that is, spontaneous expressions of love motivated by genuine concern with no anticipation of any reward.

Christians find our reference in Jesus, whose life, death and resurrection are the ultimate gift of grace because they spring from the purity and strength of the Father's love for his children. Our own expressions of grace, therefore, derive from our having been made in the image of God whose desire for us is that we grow, daily, into the likeness of his Son.

Has it taken Coronavirus to bring out the kindness in society, or was it always there? Whatever the case may be, how are we going to make sure that when/ if it is all over, we shall continue to prioritise kindness so that, rather than remaining a (too) well-kept secret, it characterises our relationships?

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