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A port in the storm

"Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping." Matthew 8.24

Anyone who has been caught in a storm at sea knows what a terrifying and uncomfortable ordeal that is. The idea of Jesus sleeping through one in an open boat is almost absurd! Yet it also serves as an illustration of Jesus' ability to provide an oasis of peace and calm where it is most needed.

You might be at a time of life where big decisions are piling up, or maybe you are simply having a stressful day, or perhaps you are wanting to pray for someone you know who is having a hard time? Where do you start?

One of the resources I use in my daily devotions is by the Scottish Christian Charity 'The Bethany Christian Trust', which supports homeless people. This month the BCT's devotional focus is on this very story: Jesus asleep in the boat. The writer suggests that Jesus was able to relax because he was confident that God would get him to the other side - simple as that.

Trusting God to "get us to the other side" does not exempt us from storms but it will enable us to ride those storms with at least some of the serenity with which Jesus navigated the storm on the lake that night; and indeed so many other challenges during his life on earth...



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