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Better for it

"... because the Lord disciplines the one he loves..." Hebrews 12.6

... is actually a quotation of Proverbs 3.12. I was thinking about it this morning, as I paddled around the Broadford islands - Pabbay, Longay, Guillemon - in fulfilment of one of three parts of 'Al's Grand MacNab', a fundraiser for the refugee work we support in Jordan. This part consisted of a 22km sea kayak route. I had hoped for company but found myself alone. I was expecting calm water but met with a cheeky breeze - and waves to match. It took me out of my depth and beyond my comfort zone; I had to concentrate on every stroke.

Living to tell the tale leaves one that bit more confident, that bit more resilient. Comparison with our walk with Christ did not elude me either. He never offered an easy ride. Indeed he promised that everyone who follows him will be led out of their depth and beyond their comfort zone. Yet they will never be alone. He guarantees to be with us every step, every stroke of the way. It's not that he wants to give us a hard time but there is work to do and it is in doing that work that we are shaped into the people God created us to become.



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