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... as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. Psalm 103. 12

Not an abbreviation for the Expialidocious song in Mary Poppins, expiation takes the forgiveness of God through Jesus to a new level. Not only does the death of Jesus, in our place, justify us before God, not only does his resurrection open to us the gates of glory, but his sending of the Holy Spirit purges us from sinfulness altogether. It is a process which will reach completion only on Jesus' return, which is why the Holy Spirit within us is sometimes describes as a deposit, awaiting full payment at a time yet to come. Nevertheless that deposit finds expression in our sanctification, whereby we are weaned off our addiction to sin and guided towards a desire for God and for God's ways.

The road ahead may be bumpy, with many twists and turns, even a few wrong turns or backwards steps, yet for as long as we are committed to trusting God, God promises to remain as our travelling companion. Our progress is measured as much in the struggle as in the distance covered. Furthermore, arrival is guaranteed for those who stay the course, along with the happy prospect of expiation - which will be expialidocious!



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