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Le bon mot

"Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a ruling rightly given." Proverbs 25.11

It doesn't have to be witty but finding the appropriate word to fit the occasion can be transformative. What can answer the anguish of those residents, families and employees who belong to Budhmor, the much-loved residence for senior citizens in Portree, run by Crossreach, whose closure was announced yesterday? How may one reassure those P&O employees who have been dismissed from their jobs in favour of cheaper agency workers? And what about those reeling from the shock of untimely bereavement?

Sometimes it is words rather than actions which have the greatest impact. Not because action is unnecessary but because the right word can determine that what follows is the most necessary and appropriate action. Or it may simply be that the word in question puts everything into perspective, illuminating an otherwise bleak situation with beauty and potential which otherwise may have remained obscure.

Jesus calls his community of faith to be bearers of Good News. For most of us that is a formidable challenge because we know how easy it is to mess things up, or how difficult it is to broach the subject. Yet we don't need to force the issue. The Holy Spirit will open doors of opportunity and we already have the words - they are in the Bible. Familiarising ourselves with scripture and keeping our spiritual antennae alert through prayer will fit us for effective service, so let's get into the rhythm and cultivate the habit...


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