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Legacy of freedom

"... to hear the groans of the prisoners and release those condemned to death.” Psalm 102.20

Warming to their recovery, the composer of Psalm 102 anticipates Jesus' sacrificial death and victorious resurrection, in proclaiming God's ultimate act of salvation. Not that they would have imagined then, how it would have come to pass, for they were writing centuries before Jesus arrived. Their thoughts would have been more narrowly focused on the plight of their contemporaries and their immediate successors. Still, their more modest aspiration of a life free from foreign intervention, where everyone has enough and citizens can transfer to the next generation a home and a lifestyle which is better than what they inherited themselves, amounted to a significant amnesty.

Would that we could say the same in our broken world! What legacy are we leaving to our children and grandchildren? None of us has the power to stop the fighting, oppression and environmental degradation that are building up insupportable debts for future generations (though we can play our part). Yet what we can do is seek to invite others, those we love and those we do not yet know, to join us in our citizenship of the New Creation, which is not some disembodied state in a shadowy netherworld but awaits Jesus' return, bringing heaven to earth and thereby restoring the goodness of creation. This prospect embraces everything: creaturely society as well as the physical environment - with God at the centre.



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