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Love as wealth

The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to the inmost parts. Proverbs 18.8

The 18th-19th century Anglican clergyman, Charles Simeon, advocated regarding love as wealth and decried anyone who would rob him of love for fellow humans by seeking to prejudice him against them. How refreshing! Imagine if we applied Simeon's dictum to our own relationships. At the very least it would involve the following:

  1. Thinking the best of others

  2. Refusing to entertain gossip

  3. Applying the benefit of doubt to those with whom we disagree

  4. Hearing both sides of any dispute before drawing conclusions

  5. Bearing in mind how graciously God treats us, despite our sinfulness.

If applied universally, imagine the difference that would make to the public discourse. It may not be all sweetness and light but there would surely be more respect, greater integrity, light rather than heat and swifter action on what matters most...



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