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"So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." Matthew 10.31

"You don't have to find out you are dying to start living" is the insight credited to Zach Sobiech, whose hit song 'Clouds' topped the charts on his death from cancer in 2013 at the tender age of 18. His final months are depicted in the film of the same name ('Clouds'), It is a real teen-oriented tear-jerker, which nevertheless pays tribute to a young man with an indomitable spirit whose departing concern was to make people happy.

So much of modern life would suggest otherwise; that one's life amounts only to the worth others would put upon it or derive from it. We are cash cows for greedy businesses, fodder for mass media, exploitable and expendable... But not according to Jesus in the Gospels. He insists that we are precious to God, who loves us so much he sent his only son...

And his command is that we love one another. That is the sign - the one and only sign, again according to Scripture (see the letters of John) - that God is in us and we are in God. So Zach was right; we do not and we should not wait until death threatens to rob us of the opportunity to start giving expression to what really matters about life.



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