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"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." Genesis 1.31

The "argument from design" holds that creation is so replete with clues to its having been carefully crafted by a wise and loving hand that it is simply unreasonable not to believe in a Creator. But this has been given short shrift by non-believing scientists and philosophers, whose counter-argument runs that the evidence of evolutionary biology removes the need for any external impetus.

Fresher scientific insights have taken a surprising twist, however. Far from confirming a rigid evolutionary process which explains away the need for God, researchers keep discovering ever more bewildering dimensions of life, including the possibility of parallel universes. In the face of such discoveries, a sense of awe and an open mind emerge as more appropriate responses than the arrogant assertion that we don't need God because we can reveal the mysteries of life through our own knowledge and ingenuity.



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