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Solidarity in discipleship

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people..." Matthew 4.19

Jesus call is personal in its invitation and collective in its application. We are called as individuals into a global and eternal family. One day we shall enjoy the family inheritance in all its richness. For the moment it is a ragged and lop-sided affair, embracing all sorts of people in all sorts of situations: some have it easy, some struggle against seemingly impossible odds.

Today Christian Aid calls us to walk alongside our Zimbabwean sisters and brothers, who are at the forefront of climate change, despite many of their farming practices being so much more sustainable and climate-friendly than many of our own. This is one of the outrages of the environmental crisis: those causing least damage are often worst affected.

What special gift shall we offer as a gesture of compassion and support - to those who, like us, share the paramount aim of living faithfully in response to the call of Christ?



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