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The long view

"Tell it not in Gath..." Micah 1.10

There exists confusion as to the succession of the kings of Israel and Judah during the 7th and 8th centuries BC. That may reflect the turbulent political situation at the time. No wonder God sent the prophets! The light they shed derives from their being the mouthpiece of God, breathing his wisdom into an increasingly chaotic environment which is, of course, among the reasons the prophets speak so powerfully and so relevantly to us today.

A contemporary of Isaiah, the prophet Micah may lack his sophistication (being a country boy) but he is endowed with a witty turn of phrase and an especial fondness for wordplay. Yet his underlying message is serious: the nation must repent of its wicked ways or face God's judgment, which will come through the aggression of their neighbours. It is not all threat and gloom, though, because Micah bears witness along with his fellow prophets that, whatever happens, God's intentions for his people are always and only good and so days of blessing and glory will surely follow...

So Micah's is a message of warning to the ignorant and encouragement to the faithful - read into that what you will!



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