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The next day

... your kingdom come, your will be done... Matthew 6.10

Having started the day with just a handful of expectant disciples, the climax of Pentecost was the addition of around three thousand new believers - all of whom were baptised! What happened then? Did Peter and the other apostles enjoy a lie-in? They must have been physically exhausted. But perhaps the emotional energy sustained them, enabling them to guide their freshly expanded flock...

When we over-think the consequences of our plans, what first appeared invigorating can become enervating and quickly sour. That may be just as well, if our ambitions are directed towards personal gain or flattery. But, if our aspirations are inspired and for the sake of others in the Kingdom of grace, then we can be sure that the King himself will equip us. That is why many older believers retain a youthful spirit.

Life has its times and seasons. Yet those who have been born again from above life are dual citizens - of this life and the next. So as the sun sets on one, it rises on the other. While called to live whole-heartedly in this world, the believer is also preparing for the next. God is Creator and Lord of both and one day he will return to unite heaven and earth into the New Creation. Everything matters, everything is sacred - including today and tomorrow.



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