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Where to look?

"The great day of the Lord is near - near and coming quickly." Zephania 1.14

Where to look for hope in times of despair, for perspective when all around appears chaotic? Some take comfort in wealth or busyness, friends and family. All of these are good - but not secure. Consider the prospect of an untimely death, redundancy or betrayal by one you trust and love. God alone is unshakable; Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever; the Holy Spirit our ever-present guide and friend. Even when we struggle to lay hold of our faith, we have one ultimate recourse: the scriptures. Getting into - and keeping - the habit of daily Bible reading will not only inspire us afresh every day, it will equip us with the instinct we need to cope in times of emergency - because we shall go to where the source of the help we need is to be found.



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