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Penetrating the gloom

"The light shines in the darkness..." John 1. 5

Woke up this morning to a thick mist. No surprises, this is "Eilean a' cheò" after all! But it has burned away to reveal a gorgeous spring day; the first of its kind.

It feels as if the whole nation is being engulfed; surrounded by a darkness we have never encountered before and over which we have no control. Heroic efforts are being made to address the situation, to care for victims, to enable and protect vital workers. But control it we cannot.

When I was at university I belonged to the air squadron. On an overcast day it was a thrill to fly through the clouds into the sunshine above, where everything was light and bright.

We might hope, through our prayers, to penetrate the darkness and view our present situation through God's eyes. Perhaps. But even if he chooses not to reveal everything about what we are experiencing, we can nevertheless trust that he knows and, because he allows it, we can place our hand in his and let him lead us through.

Heavenly Father,

as we steel ourselves against what is coming our way,

as we watch in trepidation the anguish of stressed health workers

and view the relentless infection rates and increasing death toll,

we would stay close to you;

not because we assume we're going to escape

but because in this, as in every situation,

we want to remain faithful - whatever it takes, whatever it means.

Whether it is about sacrificing our own interests for another's,

or if it is about staying healthy for someone who needs us - so be it.

Your will be done, your Kingdom come...

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