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"... and surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Matthew 28. 20

Apparently they have a saying in Argentina: "As lonely as Adam on Mother's Day" - think about it! A week into lockdown, if you are feeling that way or know someone who might be, please tell me or your local elder. We would not have wished the current situation on ourselves but we must do what we can to extract something good out of all the suffering and death which is plaguing the news. And one thing we can do is become more attentive to those within our circles of friendship and acquaintance. Doing so will reveal those who are struggling specifically on account of current restrictions. If may also direct our attention to those whose loneliness we never noticed before.

According to Jesus' remark on the verge of his ascension (above), he has committed his own presence - for as long as it takes, to as many as will receive him. Should we not be doing likewise for those within our reach?

Be blessed over this weekend and, mindful of those you live among, be a blessing...

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