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"Remember the Sabbath day, by keeping it holy." Exodus 20. 8

Holidays may be the last thing on your mind right now. We may even feel guilty mentioning the word, when those on the front line are working so hard. But, we are all in this for the long haul and, if we are going to stay the distance, we need to pace ourselves.

Not for nothing does the biblical account of creation reach its climax with God resting, later enshrining the principle of rest in the Ten Commandments which he gave Moses - to distinguish the people of God from other nations and raise the bar of public morality. A shared day of rest is good for society, giving rhythm to the week and allowing all but those providing essential services a chance to down tools and enjoy worshipping and relaxing together.

But we are not confined to any particular day for individual respite and, for some, the Sabbath itself is not an option. So let's get creative in carving out those precious moments, to regain perspective and charge our batteries. If you spend your day peering at a computer screen, take five and gaze out of the window or, better still, stretch your legs and make a cup of tea. If you have become a news addict, glued to the hourly bulletin, skip one and enjoy your daily exercise ration...

Yesterday via on-line church we learned about "soaking": find a quiet place to be alone with God for half an hour or longer; don't fill the space with words, though some gentle background music is allowed; just relax in your heavenly Father's embrace. That may be enough but, if there is something you need to hear, be open and attentive. It will probably be the most important thing you reveive all day!

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