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New normal

"Behold, I am making all things new!" Revelation 21. 5

"The new normal" has become the latest addition to our dictionary of clichés. But like most, if not all, clichés it refers to an insight which has enveloped all of us. Yesterday's mailing from Church HQ included the following poem by Lezley Stewart, which offers a fresh and helpful perspective on this latest phenomenon:

'A New Normal'

Every normal was once new....

it did not arrive,

but came to be.

Time and tide,

call and creativity,

all played their part

in where we arrived -

in this life in God

which we called normal.

And what of Christ,

our hope, our strength -

whose normal,


was family life,

learning carpenter’s ways?

Did he welcome

his call and challenge,

this change to all he knew?

Did he also feel loss,

longing for the familiar,

even while bringing life?

And one day

our new normal,

(still becoming)

will also bring

new hope -

new ways to be.

Things will change

again and always,

for life and faith

never stand still.

God is making all things new.

Even what is normal....

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