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A port in the storm

“The LORD brought me forth as the first of his works, before his deeds of old..." Proverbs 8.22

Hail the 4th Prime Minister in 6 years. Yikes! We have tended to associate capricious government with more volatile nations like Italy. That such turmoil has come to our own doorstep says much about political life in the UK today and the calibre of our politicians. David Cameron's demise was the result of political misjudgement concerning attitudes to Europe, Teresa May underestimated the challenge of "getting Brexit done", Boris Johnson was undone by his moral misjudgments. So what can we expect from Liz Truss?

Actually I don't think that is the appropriate question for most Christians. Indeed the vast majority of UK citizens have had no say in her appointment and must await the next General Election to help decide whether she remains in office and her party in government. In the meantime, the question which is relevant is: How shall we pray for the new PM and her team?

I confess that I am not inspired by her campaign and I am alarmed by her apparent determination to cut taxes, which is a blunt instrument helping the rich more than the poor, and reopening fossil fuel reserves, further jeopardising the environment. Perhaps these offer starting points for intervention... Yet we must never forget that all of these - policies and prayers - have people at their heart: creatures made in the image of God, to whom we are all accountable. Having direct access to God's "throne of grace" is a privilege which carries with it the responsibility not to sit idly on the margins of life but to be informed so we can intercede.



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