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A shot in the arm

"... go and make disciples..." Matthew 28.19

Praise God for Latin Link's praise night, which was broadcast yesterday evening via Youtube. As one might imagine, it was full of Latin exuberance, with music from Chile and Scotland and prayers from Peru and Ireland. Neil Stewart preached powerfully from Jesus' 'Great Commission' as reported by Matthew at the conclusion of his Gospel. God's message through Stewart was that we need not be daunted by Covid 19 and the restrictions required for its containment. God remains on the throne and Jesus continues to build his church and the Spirit is empowering us all to play our part.

The important question which faces each one of us uniquely is: How? How am I to live faithfully in my particular circumstances? What gifts do I possess to address my situation? With which new skills does God want to equip me to rise to the fresh challenges ahead? The scriptures teach us that we are like the limbs of a body: we belong together under Jesus, who is the head, but we all have specific and vital roles to play. This is why the Christian way is both a shared experience with fellow believers and a very personal relationship with God.

Becoming fully human is about recognising our place in the great scheme of creation, alongside our fellow creatures in the home we share, while embracing our responsibility to live faithfully in the light of our gifts and opportunities. And all this must be done humbly and boldly. Humbly because we are works-in-progress, we have much to learn and are prone to make mistakes. Boldly because God has planted eternity in our hearts, we have been granted privileged access to the mind of our creator and he has big and good plans for us. Best of all, he loves us!

Being loved by the all wise all powerful one means that only good can come of it. And this is true for all God's people; only some don't know it yet. Could it be that He wants us to tell them? Ask God to show you to whom he wants you to share this message of hope with today and then pray for everything you need to make it happen...



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