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Careful what you ask for

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this... Psalm 37.5

It came so quickly that it took me by surprise: the offer of the job which I have helped to create over many years, yet without realising it until well into the process. Serving the new presbytery of the Highlands & Hebrides - Clèir Eilean Ì - as clerk is a formidable, some might say impossible, task but somebody has to do it. It is an honour to be invited to try. Knowing that what it requires is so far beyond my capacity drives me to my knees and raises my expectations of God. Receiving what we desire can feel like a double-edged blessing. But the God who planted that desire did so for a reason. And, because he can, will he not also supply what one needs to fulfil the role to which one has been called? I and Clèir Eilean Ì better believe it!



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