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Doors open, lights on

"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness..." John 8.12

"I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved... " John 10.9

Easter Saturday is normally a quiet day for reflection, between the consternation of Good Friday and the exuberance of Easter Sunday. Not for us in Broadford - at least not this year! Today marks the ceremonial re-opening of our church building after substantial renovation: pews out, floor sanded, new heating system and no pulpit. In addition, a garden has been planted replete with fruit trees, raised beds for vegetables, flowers, shrubs and sitting areas. All thanks to a lot of work by a faithful few, conscious of labouring in the grace of God for the glory of God. And now we want to share the result with as many as will receive our hospitality under the banner slogan: Doors open, lights on!

The verses above remind us that, in our aspiration to show hospitality and inspiration to our neighbours we seek to reflect Jesus, who is the ultimate source of illumination and salvation. In his wisdom and grace he can apply these qualities directly into a person's life and there exists ample testimony to confirm that direct approach. Yet most often he chooses to work through the Church, which he appointed to represent his continuing presence on earth - until he comes again. Jesus would never ignore those who need him, so never let it be said that his Church is anything but available and willing. So... doors open, lights on - and to God be the glory!



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