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“Again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his wealth to them..." Matthew 25.14

How do you react when you hear talk about doing more with less? Many would instinctively recoil at the prospect, which smacks of exploitation and exhaustion. This is where our church finds itself as we struggle to off-set our commitment to being a national church - a church for everyone - with diminishing resources of people and money and a surfeit of crumbling buildings.

In the eyes of some, the General Assembly addressed the issue in the wrong order yesterday. The Assembly Trustees delivered a thumping report about equipping the church for mission and growth - a recovery package, if you will - and then the Theological Forum presented its report concerning matters of faith, identity and purpose: who are we and what is the church for?

Jesus likens his church to servants who have been entrusted with their master's wealth. That is a daunting responsibility. It is also an amazing privilege and a breath-taking opportunity. Applied faithfully, that wealth is not only sufficient, it is inexhaustible. Rather than desperate measures, we need to pray for wisdom and faithfulness and the energy of the Spirit, so that willing servants become trustworthy stewards.



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