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Fad is farsaing

For he “has put everything under his feet.” 1 Corinthians 15.27

The report of the Faith Impact Forum ranged far and wide ("fad is farsaing"). Indeed such is the breadth of the church's involvement in so many aspects of Scottish life and such is the interest we take in so many parts of the world - and at a time of declining resources of people and money - one may wonder whether we are losing focus and stretching ourselves too thinly. Perhaps. Yet, in proclaiming the absolute sovereignty of Christ, where can we stop?

Common sense suggests that we cannot do everything, even while faith insists that all things are possible for God. Yet that does not mean that God wants us to do everything. Wisdom guides us through tough choices, such as which battle to fight and where and how to stretch ourselves beyond our more comfortable arcs of manoeuvre.

Yesterday was another occasion for pomp and ceremony, as the General Assembly celebrated the church's military chaplains and acknowledged the role of the Armed Forces in maintaining peace and justice, while recognising the responsibility which the privilege of influence brings. A former moderator reminded the Assembly that, useful though it might be to enjoy the kudos that being a national church brings, what Jesus requires more than anything is that we align ourselves with the outcasts of society.

Is that the answer to our dilemma of where our focus should lie? It is where Jesus began. It is not that the rich and powerful are rejected. It is more the case that God has a particular concern for those who are not receiving their fair share of his material bounty. Even more important is the spiritual truth that the only way to approach God is in humility. And it is easier to appreciate that when you are already on your knees!



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