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Faith in the future

I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! Revelation 2.9

This is the "trump card" of Christians: that however bad things get we can still hope - because we are aware that things are not as they seem, that the best is yet to come because it is to be found in the next life, not this. That is not to say that this life is irrelevant. Quite the reverse. So important is this life that its Creator came in person to redeem it, so that it would enjoy a fresh lease, populated by those of his choosing - who include all who accept his open invitation.

The second letter in Revelation is addressed to the Church in Smyrna, who epitomise the "persecuted church": impoverished and under pressure, yet with every reason to rejoice because their faithfulness is proving them worthy of their rich inheritance in the New Creation. This worthiness is not what qualifies them - only Jesus could have done that - it simply confirms the genuineness of their trust and of their part in his kingdom. It comes with a warning, however, that their suffering will increase before it abates.

Are we ready?



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