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From glory to glory

And the glory of the LORD will be revealed... Isaiah 40.5

Christians are used to celebrating how the glory of God is revealed in Jesus. But has it sunk in that the same glory is included in the inheritance of every believer who commits to Jesus? The process of transformation that begins with our justification before God - on account of Jesus having stood in our place and received the punishment we deserved on the cross - and continues with our sanctification - whereby we are conformed into the likeness of Jesus as his gifts of grace find ever fuller expression in our lives - does not end there. There is more...

Our ultimate destiny is to reign with Jesus in his eternal Kingdom, the New Creation which is already under construction and will reach completion at Jesus's return, bringing heaven to earth and raising all to eternal life - or death - according to his righteous judgment. The shorthand for this prospect is: glorification. We are made for glory and one day, we shall prove it - not through our own achievement but in our reflection of our maker and redeemer, whose masterpiece we are becoming...



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