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Golden time

"The LORD is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him." Habakkuk 2.20

In its wisdom and generosity, the Church of Scotland awarded its ministers a modest grant for an annual retreat and encouraged us to use it. I scoured the options and eventually located one that fitted the budget, offered an appropriate oasis for reflection and a sufficiently flexible routine. Off the back of the summer holidays and a fortnight's tussle with Covid, the timing is not ideal - or maybe it is just what I need? And, when offered the choice of going silent, I thought why not?

Others I have spoken to recoil in horror at the prospect of keeping one's mouth shut for three days. Yet there seems something biblical about that. The venue includes a chapel, creative art space, small farm, garden, even a swimming pool! And I have several books with me. Whether I use any of these resources or not, there is no excuse for boredom. But will God speak and how shall I make sure I am listening?



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