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Good to talk?

"All the believers were one in heart and mind." Acts 4.32

I am writing this in the salubrious environs of the Lochalsh hotel, where the Presbytery of Lochcarron Skye is enjoying our annual overnight conference. The purpose of meeting like this is to have the time and space to get to know each other, so the chatting and eating together are as important as the business - at least on this occasion. And of course we are worshipping together.

But are we of one heart and mind? At the deeper level I am sure we are. Yet we find ourselves having to make significant long term decisions which will determine the future trajectory of our churches and last night I discovered I am out on a limb, almost alone. How does that affect the unity which one feels Christians ought to share as a mark of our belonging to the body of Christ: many limbs coming together under one head, the Lord Jesus.

Perhaps that is the answer to my question: being united in what matters allowing us the freedom to differ where there is room for digression? But then comes the challenging part: operating according to our varying perspectives in such a way as not to threaten that essential unity. That is a big ask but could it be the making of us?



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