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On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: king of kings and lord of lords. Revelation 19.16

During the night I awoke in a cold sweat, realising that I had got so carried away with my illustration in the all-age talk at church yesterday that I completely omitted the substance of the message, which was to acknowledge that Jesus is king!

But isn't that too often the problem? We spout about how important Jesus is, sing our devotional songs and engage in earnest discussion during Bible studies and prayer meetings. And then blithely go about, as if we are masters of our own destiny.

What would it look like to live out our proclamation that Jesus is king? How differently might we order our priorities, treat other people, cherish creation, &c, if all these activities were expressed in the awareness of the authority of Jesus and in response to his commands?

If the prospect sounds heavy, remember that Jesus promised to lighten our load and not add to our burden. Far from weighing us down, living with greater reverence in homage to King Jesus might be just what is needed to replace/ enhance the spring in our step...



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