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Key of David

"The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world." John 1.9

Today's O-antiphon is "Key of David." What does it mean to hail Jesus as "Key of David"? David was Israel's greatest king. Despite his faults, he epitomised what the people looked for in their king: able, humble, wise, gracious, brave, charismatic, artistic, handsome - and successful. No wonder people longed for another ruler of his ilk!

The whole thrust of the Bible points towards Jesus as the fulfilment of that longing. Just as a key unlocks a door, so Jesus unlocks the longing of the Israelites for a king in the likeness of David. Only they - and we - get so much more. That more was not to the taste of everyone. We can be so set in our expectations that we cannot see beyond them, even if it is towards something so much better. Instead of ushering in a new era of material prosperity for Israel, Jesus came to bring fulness of life for all people. And not just for the temporary enjoyment of their time on earth but that quality of life we call "eternal": ultimate and forever.

Both the apostle John (John 1.3) and the apostle Paul (Colossians 1. 16) are at pains to stress how Jesus is the key to everything: everything was made through Jesus and for Jesus and the only way and the best way to enjoy all that blessing in live "in him". Without Jesus we are decaying lumps of human flesh, with souls condemned to eternal damnation because of our sinfulness. When we recognise Jesus as our Saviour and trust him as our Lord, we become a "new creation", with souls destined to reign with him in glory, clothed in new bodies which are so healthy and pure as to be eternal.

Have you availed yourself of that key? Are you going to? Make your salvation sure. Do it today...



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