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Loose ends and tidy beginnings

... being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1.6

In his foreword to the 1979 edition of Waiting for God Malcolm Muggeridge describes Simone Weil as "a gazelle meticulously picking its way through the interminable turbulence of a motorway's traffic." This image captures her uncompromising yet vulnerable attitude to life as expressed in her writing. Her occurrence is misplaced yet serendipitous - and all the more necessary and delightful for that - because it reaches into the banality of the rat-race and beckons towards a freer and more noble way of living.

Today the Church in Strath & Sleat gathers at Elgol for the morning service, mostly in English, and at Broadford this afternoon where our worship will be entirely in Gaelic. Our themes will consider how to live faithfully in the context of God's grace which, you might say, expresses what Christian faith is all about!

Then holidays. They don't necessarily involve unabated sloth and idleness but they should offer an alternative to the daily grind or, at least, a different grind. Whether a change is, indeed, as good as a rest depends on what that change involves. But one thing we can look forward to is a break from these blogs - until Wednesday 26 July Deo volente.

Fada nur comain airson ur companais.



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