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I belong to my lover and his desire is for me. Song of Songs 7.10

Towards the crescendo of Solomon's Song of Songs the couple express their love for one another in an exchange of mutual affection, cheered on by their friends. It is a heart-warming picture of passionate devotion with the energy of a honeymoon and the synergy of a community which appreciates the value of strong marriages in fostering family life which is the bedrock of society, providing the best environment in which to nurture children. Most precious of all is how it hints at the extraordinary devotion of Christ and his bride, the Church.

As the Church we are called to be our best for our heavenly groom, whose ardour caused him to suffer and die for our sakes and, in his own perfection, rise victorious over sin and death. Love wins! And now our concern is to celebrate and nourish that love. Song of Songs is in the Bible to teach us how to do that. It is not by whispering our loyalty to Jesus or standing stiffly to mumble our way through hymns on a Sunday or ploughing through Bible reading notes through the week. It is through total mind, soul and body worship of the One we adore - and who adores us!

There is no place for lukewarm association. Love in all its dimensions and expressions is all or nothing. And it won't be ignored. Neglect leads to wilting and death. For live and health nourishment is needed. That is the way God made creation to flourish and it makes sense. Active participation keeps us fresh and it keeps us engaged and it keeps us - and what we cherish - alive and vigorous. Think of all the relationships you value. How can you nourish them - today and every day?



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