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Objective immortality

"For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God." Colossians 3.3

Although we wouldn't put it this way, when we refer to "eternal life" we are usually referring to "subjective immortality" - that is to say, our continuing existence as identifiable beings. But there is another mode of immortality, which may be biblical, and that is "objective immortality" - the idea that life does not end with death but continues to be "remembered" within the mind of God.

There may be some comfort, even relief, in this notion. It offers respite from the daily grind of living and it reassures us that we and those we love will not necessarily be buried (or cremated) and forgotten. But of course it is not the same as retaining one's identity, nor does it offer the prospect of seeing our loved ones again.

There is no doubt from the Gospel accounts that the first generation of believers experienced the risen Jesus as being physically as well as spiritually alive. And it is also the case that they were convinced that, in placing their trust in him, they would follow where he was leading. Thirdly, the experience transformed and invigorated them so thoroughly that no danger or threat would impede them from sharing the truth which eclipsed all others and which was available to everyone who would avail themselves of the same opportunity.



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