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Oh, the wonder of it all!

"... Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea..." Matthew 2.1

That the King of all creation should enter creation, in the same way all those who are made in his image are born into the world, is a matter of wonder in itself. That he should grow up, as he did, and complete his mission to live a perfect life in order to offer it as a sacrifice for sin, so that we could all go free without losing our free will, is doubly amazing. And now we have the promise that he will return and finish what he started and that those who are keeping the faith will reign with him forever; how can it get any better?

Christmas is surely the time to stop, step outside our normal routine and wonder... That is why Christians celebrate over 12 days. We need to the time to absorb and digest the momentous implications. We might choose to use the time to catch up with friends and visit relations but, essentially, the 12 days of Christmas are for the primary purpose of giving us the space and time we need to appreciate God's love for us and to respond accordingly.

So I shall do likewise: leaving you in peace for a fortnight, returning on Sunday 9 January 2022. In the meantime, may God's presence transform your Christmas and illuminate the days ahead...



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