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One after the other

Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth. Psalm 2.10

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, today Nigeria goes to the polls to elect a new president - and tomorrow? Who knows what a day may bring? Only God. Yet the Bible makes clear - and experience confirms - that the way we behave today, which is influenced by our experience and knowledge of the past, has at least some bearing on tomorrow; in the same way that a farmer who plants certain seeds expects a certain kind of harvest.

Last night we watched the First World War drama All Quiet on the Western Front. There is a chilling moment, when signing the Armistice, when the French delegation refuses to cut any slack in favour of its terms with Germany. Without justifying Germany's role in the war, such punitive terms must have played their part in fuelling that nation's resentment and appetite for another conflict.

Those who exercise authority on behalf of others have access to many privileges. They also bear a heavy responsibility towards those on whose behalf they make decisions. They will be held to account but so shall we. We get the leaders we deserve. And we must pray for the leaders we get. No wonder the whole creation joins us in our yearning for the return of Jesus to complete his work of reconciliation!



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