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Power source

"... lifting up holy hands..." 1 Timothy 2.8

For all his vulnerability while on earth, Jesus had direct access to the ultimate power source: prayer. Prayer was his hotline to God in all God’s power and majesty. Jesus used that access in every situation but he never abused it for selfish ends. And so he promises his followers “if you ask for anything in my name it will be granted…”. That means, when we pray as he did, we can expect the same power to flow. In practical terms what does that mean? We have a familiar example in the so-called Lord’s prayer. In summary:

May God be praised – may his will prevail and the whole world reflect his realm of influence – may we all enjoy what we need, including forgiveness when we go wrong – and may we be as swift to forgive those who do wrong to us – and may we have the strength and wisdom not to give in to our baser instincts and thereby have to suffer the consequences.



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