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(Jesus) has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father—to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Revelation 1.6

A priest is someone who stands between people and God, offering sacrifices of atonement for sin. In fulfilling the Law through the perfect sacrifice of his own unblemished life, Jesus did away with our need for an intermediary, which is what the apostle John is celebrating with his proclamation that all believers are now priests in God's Kingdom: we enjoy direct access!

This is a huge privilege, which we receive as a gift because we did nothing to deserve it. Indeed the evidence was pointing the other way, in favour of our guilt and condemnation. Yet, in his mercy, God chose forgiveness over judgment - without ignoring the cost of our sin and its impact on others but paying the price himself, so that justice is served even though we walk free.

So we have the responsibility to share his amazing grace and operate as priests on behalf of our unbelieving family and friends, interceding for them, pleading with God that their eyes would be opened, their ears unstopped, their hearts melted - in order that they too might take up the Lord's gracious invitation, into his Kingdom and into his eternal priesthood...



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