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Prince of Egypt

"God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM,'" Exodus 3.14

Moses' encounter with God at the burning bush on Mount Sinai changed his life and his whole worldview. Raised in Pharaoh's court, Moses had been - culturally and educationally - Egyptian. Now he understands that - ethnically and (soon) vocationally also - he is an Israelite - of the line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Now he knows where he really fits into the human story.

Even more significantly, Moses now has a new awareness of God. Presenting as "I AM WHO I AM (literally "I will be who I will be") God rejects the Near Eastern custom of pigeon-holing deities for their exploitation by their human worshippers. The king of creation reserves the right to relate on God's own terms, a principle which will come to be enshrined in the first three Commandments.

Conversion not only gives us a new identity. It provides us with a fresh awareness of God. Together these insights transform our worldview and enhance our wonder...



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