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Seeing through

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1.5

A thick mist hangs low over Breakish. But earlier I ran up the Heaste road and got above it. My effort was rewarded with the most glorious sunrise. Looking around I could see that blanket of vapour, now below me, and the mountains poking through. Whether or not it burns away at sea level, I know there is a place where the sun is shining.

Coming to terms with a traumatic event takes time. Some may never fully recover, others will find a way. Even if we cannot perceive it through our grief and confusion, the awareness that there is a place where the sun is shining gives us something to cling to: a beacon of hope penetrating the fog of despair.

This morning Teangue Free Church will throw open its doors for all who wish to gather in fellowship and solidarity. This afternoon something similar will happen in the Tarskavaig community hall. We hold both communities and that of Dornie in our prayers, particularly those most affected by the recent tragic events, either because they were present or because they belong to the emergency services which responded.

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